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SME Corp. Malaysia, Nestl Malaysia and Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) have established a strategic collaboration to promote the potential of business opportunities towards enhancing the capabilities of local Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in the Halal Food and Beverages (F&B) industry. The two-day SME Mentoring Programme offers SMEs the opportunity to share, explore and enhance their knowledge on ways to improve in business performance in order to compete in the global market. Under the SME Mentoring Programme, Nestl as a global and renowned producer for Halal food and beverages insights on Halal procedures, best practices for Halal F&B industry as well as what it takes to become competent suppliers to Multinational Corporations.

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      Maklumat Agensi

      SME Corp Malaysia
      SME Corporation Malaysia
      Level 6, SME 1, Block B, Platinum Sentral
      Jalan Stesen Sentral 2
      Kuala Lumpur

      Tel    :      03-2775 6000
      Faks :      03-2775 6001

      Waktu Perkhidmatan

      Hari Bekerja :
      Isnin - Jumaat
      Waktu Bekerja :
      8.30 Pagi - 5.30 Petang
      Waktu Rehat :
      1.00 Petang - 2.00 Petang