Agensi : Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
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Techology Innovation for Globalisation Fund (TIG) is formerly known as Product Development & Commercialisation Fund (PCF). It is aimed at assisting local MSC Malaysia Status Companies to accelerate the development and commercialisation of innovative, market driven, product / solutions / services for global market. 

  • Is based on competitive bidding fund. Fund is awarded to the best bidder(s).
  • Supports all technology areas but funding preference is given to proposed projects related to these technology areas such as Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud, eCommerce, Security, Games, 3D Printing, Mobile Technology/Computing or combinations of two or more of the said technology areas.
  • Is a performance-based fund, i.e. applicants spell out realistic and achievable technical and commercial targets. Disbursements of TIG are on reimbursement basis upon meeting the said technical and commercial targets.
  • Supports market-driven, innovative product development with high commercial potential applicants are encouraged to gather and address market demand as well as identify pilot implementation(s).
  • Supports end-to- end funding as it covers product development and commercialisation costs.
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        Maklumat Agensi

        Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
        Multimedia Development Corporation
        MSC Malaysia Headquarters
        2360 Persiaran APEC
        63000 Selangor

        Tel    :      1-800- 88-8338
        Faks :      +6 03 8315 3115

        Waktu Perkhidmatan

        Hari Bekerja :
        Isnin - Jumaat
        Waktu Bekerja :
        9.00 Pagi - 6.00 Petang
        Waktu Rehat :
        1.00 Petang - 2.00 Petang